In 2014, we continued to optimize processes, minimize the costs, and focus even more on Europacific’s core business and thus disinvested our portfolio of shareholdings in companies which are not directed at our 'core business'. 2014 represents our turning point, as we are now more focused on our employees, thus facilitating additional training (KOC and BB Consulting) through which we have achieved the optimization of business processes, all of which are guidelines included in our initial objectives and are now more focused on the core business and more aggressive in the market where we want to capitalize on.

Our operation is focused on our customers and partners, whom we want to offer comprehensive logistics solutions for their business. The client-based strategy has enabled us to internally reorganize and diversify in areas that are interesting for us in the long term and will form the basis of our current and future business growth. Such a path has required large financial investments and additional risks.

All our activities are supported by a group of young highly educated and skilled individuals who have a lot of work experience, each in their own field. One of the requirements to work in our company is a higher education. A large portion of our revenue is channelled into developing our own specialized logistics applications that support our operational and strategic direction.

In our operation we are fully aware of significant cultural differences between us and our global business partners. One of the important advantages that we offer our best partners in Asia is 24/7 accessibility and responsiveness. Our business model is being constantly innovated, so we, despite our small size, are an important partner of significantly larger customers.

In the last year we have formed a process plan of our organization, which supports the outlined strategy on the model of the blue ocean. In all areas of our operation we include management tools and instruments such as 7S, BPM, TQM, BSC, CRM, EVA, KRAFT, TRUST, to ensure an effective implementation and the achievement of strategic goals. These are set out in our strategy document – The Strategic Plan for Sustainable Growth with Implementing Objectives.

Our strategy and support organization have ensured us a steady increase of our revenue in a sustainable and controlled manner in the last years.

We choose only the best customers and suppliers, and with them we build a solid, on mutual trust based relationship. Among our partners are primarily companies that follow a similar business philosophy and with whom we can take up challenges and learn from each other. In our dealings with global service providers we are focused on Asia, where we, out of all Slovenian companies, have the longest tradition and rich personal connections.

The key driving power of our success is the knowledge of all our employees and the strategy derived from the wishes of our customers. With our mission of co-creating trends in logistics solutions, we want to get even closer to the needs of our partners. Our vision is to become the leading provider of knowledge-based logistics solutions in the region.

Only through common sense, development and constant investments we will achieve all our goals and the goals of our partners.

Rok Kobal B. sc, director and owner of company

A decade on the move

Europacific group of companies
Established 2003
"A decade on the move"